The Film


Produced by Urban Theatre Projects, this multi-faith documentary combines everyday ritual with reflections on humanity, impermanence and social justice. One Day For Peace wrestles with some big (and not so big) questions inside homes, prayer houses and from the back seat of a taxi in Western Sydney.

To make the documentary, Director Rosie Dennis spoke with more than 100 people across cultures, religions and regions in Western Sydney, and interviewed over 50 individuals. The final documentary features people from many different faiths, including Aboriginal Spirituality, Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Mandaeanism, Meditation, Orthodox Christianity and Sikhism.

One Day For Peace invites us into the daily lives of these people as they speak openly about what they believe, how and why they practice, their questions and doubts, and their understanding of life, death, divinity and the afterlife.


Urban Theatre Projects

Urban Theatre Projects (UTP) is an award-winning theatre company with over 35 years’ experience of creating work from Sydney’s west. UTP makes work that has impact. We tell personal, real-life stories that represent a more complex portrait of contemporary Australia, and bring these stories into the everyday by creating site-specific, distinctive cultural experiences for our audiences. We’re driven to make work that has the power to shift perceptions and break down stereotypes – work that inspires us all to create a fairer and more democratic society. 


Film Credits

Director: Rosie Dennis
Cinematography: Sam James
Editor: Nicholas Beauman A.S.E.
Additional Editing: Bin Li
Sound Recordist: Mark Blackwell
Composer: James Brown
Additional Music Composition: Aaron Symonds
Assistant Editor: Nicholas Ralph
Sound Editor: Andrew Belletty
Post Production Facilities: Spectrum Films &
Post Production Producers: Winnie Sempio & Murray North
Colourist: Billy Wychgel
Online Editors: James Cowie & Tim Hitchen
Production Assistant: Frank Mainoo
Associate Producer: Antonia Seymour
Producer: Tian Zhang
Executive Producers: Julieanne Campbell & Rosie Dennis



Ahmed Abdo, Ashish Bhuta, Seforosa Carroll, Tahera Chaudhary, Pojivovthy Chettiar, Shadan Chohili, Roni Cohavi, Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor, Ciaron Dunn, Joseph Jarczewski, John Jegasothy, Arvinder Kaur, Michael Morris, Firas Naji, Benjamin Oh, Nam Phan, Gerald Polites, Mina Polites, Dr K. Rajendran, Monir Rowshan, Thich Phuoc Sanh, Rishama Salah, Gursagar Singh, Jaspal Singh, Padam Deep Singh, Ursula Stuart, Firaol Tujuba.


Top photo: Joanne Saad